August 05, 2009

Something doesn't add up...

Well, my kid is starting to learn how to count.  It seems to be a skill that some people find hard to grasp. 

So with the recent court documents from Larry Rice coupled with his "2007 annual report".  I think it's interesting that his numbers just don't add up.

 July 2009 Court Document:

Section 9:
The approximate value of New Life's real estate assets and media holdings is $40-$50 million dollars.

December 31st 2007 Financial Report

I’ve heard that Larry Rice and/or NLEC has $40-$50 million
in assets. Is this true?
No. As reported in NLEC’s 2007 independent audit, the ministry
now has just under $5.35 million in total assets as of December 31,


So which is it?

June 05, 2009

Bloody Pipe Fight Behind Larry's Shelter

Bloody Pipe Fight Behind Larry's "Shelter of Shame"

According to the source:

STL police response took 10 min. Both men had beat one another in the head and were bleeding profusely from their heads respectively.

STL PD merely cruised alley/St. Charles.

Police officers stated "they don't want to arrest one another we'll talk to them."

 And he wants to put this in the Cape?


December 05, 2008

Permit for this?

I sure hope that NLEC has a permit for this... 

Wonder how they're protecting their "clients" or "volunteers"




October 13, 2008

Yet another attack at Larry's NLEC

As reported by the RFT ,KMOX, KSDK, KMOV, and KTVI yet another attack at Larry's shelter of shame.

Attack at NLEC RFT

Attack at NLEC KMOX

Attack at NLEC KSDK

Attack at NLEC KMOV

Attack at NLEC KTVI

Attack at NLEC STLToday

Attack at NLEC Springfield-News Leader

This just is more evidence that Larry's NLEC is a detriment to our neighborhood, we've had a fatal stabbing earlier this year,a chainsaw attack at his other facility, a rape at another in Springfield, and now yet another attack where a woman who has worked there for many years is lying in a hospital fighting for her life.  

How many more people have to die and lie in a hospital until Larry realizes that his organization does more harm than good.  How many more until his "donors" realize  that they are contributing to the problem?

Every donation to NLEC takes away needed funds to organizations that actually work like St. Patricks and Centenary Church.

September 22, 2008

NLEC in Violation of Zoning Laws?

Is the NLEC in violation of zoning laws?

"When New Life Evangelistic Center receives the Abram Building, it will close its shelter for 15 women at 5811 Michigan in south St. Louis."
--Exhibit 13

City assessor's office:

Land use: two family unit

Zoning regulation:
26.08.130 Dwelling, two-family

    A building containing two dwelling units.

26.08.160 Family.

    A person, or group of persons immediately related by blood, marriage or adoption, living as a single housekeeping unit; also a group of not more than three (3) persons not necessarily related by blood, marriage or adoption, living as a single housekeeping unit. (Ord. 62588 § 2 (part), 1992.)

September 20, 2008

Lucas Park Cleanup Today 9/20/2008

Another good day out at Lucas Park.  We had a lot of people out there cleaning, edging, and actually painting the benches.

I've posted a few pictures up to show the hard work everyone is doing as we continue to improve our neighborhood and send out the message that nuisance and criminal behavior is no longer tolerated in our back yard.

The rule is very simple, "You work, you eat." Period.  Simple and fair.

" First Coat"First Coat



The next episode of "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe...


Boyz in da hood


Edging of the park...


 Aftermath of bbq...


Today's bench painting completed...



Thanks again to one and all for their hard efforts in cleaning the park.

September 15, 2008

Update on Lucas Park Cleanup

Well we made a dent and had a write up in Sunday's Post Dispatch...

Steve has a good writeup on his site at

and additional pictures at:

Thanks to everyone involved!!!


September 10, 2008

Lucas Park Cleanup and Picnic

Event: Lucas Park Cleanup and Picnic
Date: This Saturday (9/13/08)
Time: 8:00 a.m. - noon (cleanup); noon on (picnic)
Rain Date: following Saturday (9/20/08, same time)

Last Wednesday 10 individuals formed a group with the sole purpose of making the neighborhood better. The 10 of us share a simple philosophy:

Get 'er done

We all agreed that while there are many things that we can do to make the neighborhood better, the first thing that needs to be done is beautify the park.

Rather than spend a lot of time planning, we decided to act NOW.

So, we hereby invite you to join us to clean up the park this Saturday, September 13th from 8 a.m. until noon.

After noon, we will be having a picnic in the park.

We will be doing more to improve the neighborhood in the near future. We could wait for the city and others to help us with this.

But do you really want to wait?


September 05, 2008

Compare and contrast...


This is interesting...

Part of the discrepancy in figures here owes to the fact that this
initial $40+ million estimate – made in a 2004 document in
conjunction with NLEC attorneys – is largely outdated. This
estimated sum reflected a more positive potential market value of
NLEC media equipment and property; e.g., what all NLEC
equipment and property could have potentially sold for in 2004. In
hindsight, this estimate was likely too high to begin with, the
falling market trends in the years since notwithstanding.



also available here:


Filed 7/2004

Filed 7/2005 (count how many times they state $40,000,000.00)

 Now take a look at their 2002 Financial report:

$6,762,900.00 in real estate assets?  Hmmmm..

How do they figure $40-50 million?

 Especially when it's SWORN UNDER OATH...

Feel free to browse the exhibits at



August 28, 2008

IRS Tax exemption for NLEC...

New Life Evangelistic Center
IRS Tax exemption information...


Culled information from above:

Here are what the relevant codes mean from :

Letter from NLEC to Springfield, MO

I just don't know what to say about the tactics employed by NLEC...

I'll let their letter speak for itself.

Reductio ad absurdum in action...

Letter to the editor


























Here's the link to the .bmp file itself:

Oh and Hank Zeniewicz is apparently the NLEC's “public relations director”...


Here it is for search engine indexing....

New Life Evangelistic Center
Veterans Coming Home Program
209 W. Commercial St.
Springfield, MO 65803
      February 27, 2008

"After the actions taken by the schoolboard, the city council, and soon the county commission, against New Life Evangelistic Center, I think back to the lesson of history.  It is here that we learn, if we so choose to open our minds, that this is not the first time such actions have taken place!

In 1933, after coming to power, Hitler and his henchmen passed resolutions against those who were homeless.  The called them, as does this resolution call the homeless here in Springfield, "undesireables" in an attempt to rid Germany of their homeless population.

We learn, if we are intelligent enough and honest enough not to try to rewrite history, exactly where this led.  We have only to look as far as the national Holocost[sic] Memorial in Washington, D.C. to see what the cost of these actions were for far too many people.

Now in 2008 once again a relatively small group of people travel the same slippery slope as the NAZIs.  Unfortunately for all Springfieldians, this is occuring right here.  So now the question must be asked, will they also go after the Jews in the same manner?  After all it has already occured and the path has been set!  How long will it be before the Mayor, the City Council, the County Commission, and the Schoolboard all start demanding that we say, "Sieg Heil?"

Hank Zeniewicz

August 26, 2008

NLEC really a "church"?

So is NLEC really a "church"?

As far as I know the IRS doesn't really like "Churches" getting involved in "politics"...

It's that pesky Separation of Church and State amendment remember?


Who's your auditor Larry?

In a category that reminds me of Jerry McGuire...

"Show me the money"

According to the NLEC bylaws :

Under Article 4 #4:

"The books of the Treasurer shall be audited once a year by some auditor who is not on the board of Directors of the Center"

 Interesting, isn't it?

August 24, 2008

Sales of NLEC's broadcast stations since 2005 totaling at least $5,302,000.0


KWAS (AM) Joplin, Mo Price: $300,000
KWAS(AM) Joplin, Mo.
PRICE: $300,000
BUYER: Zimmer Radio Group (James L. Zimmer, owner); owns 15 other stations, including KIXQ(FM), KJMK(FM), KSYN(FM) and KXDG(FM) Joplin
SELLER: New Life Evangelistic Center Inc. (Larry Rice, president)
FACILITIES: 1230 kHz, 1 kW
FORMAT: Christian
COMMENT: Space in station’s studio building will be leased to seller at no charge for up to 12 months from closing date; buyer will provide engineering consulting services to facilitate relocation of seller’s studio for KKLL(AM) Webb City, Mo.

WCBW(AM) Highland (St. Louis), Ill Price $1 million
WCBW(AM) Highland (St. Louis), Ill.
PRICE: $1 million
BUYER: Birach Broadcasting Corp. (Sima Birach, president); owns 12 other stations, including WEW(AM) St. Louis
SELLER: New Life Evangelistic Center Inc. (Larry Rice, president)
FACILITIES: 880 kHz, 2 kW day/160 W night
FORMAT: Christian Contemporary

WDID (AM) Highland (St. Louis), Ill  Price $450,000
WDID(AM) Highland (St. Louis), Ill.
PRICE: $450,000
BUYER: Entertainment Media Trust (Dennis J Watkins, trustee); owns no other stations
SELLER: New Life Evangelistic Center Inc. (Larry Rice, president)
FACILITIES: 1510 kHz, 1 kW
FORMAT: Christian
BROKER: George Reed of Media Services Group

KNLJ (TV) Jefferson City, K40JW Macon, MO Price: 3.25 million
KNLJ Jefferson City, K40JW Macon, Mo.
PRICE: $3.25 million
BUYER: Christian TV Network (Robert D’Andrea, president)
SELLER: New Life Evangelistic Center (Larry Rice, president)
FACILITIES: KNLJ: Ch. 25, 2040 kW, ant. 1,030 ft.; K40JW: Ch. 40, 17 kW
AFFILIATION: KNLJ: Religion; K40JW: Religion
NOTE: another publication said that funds from this sale were used to fund
digital upgrades to NLEC's St. Louis station

KTCN-FM Eureka Springs, Ark Price: $302,000
KTCN-FM/Eureka Springs, Ark.
PRICE: $302,000
TERMS: Asset sale for cash
BUYER: Northeast Oklahoma Broadcast Network (Larry Hestand, president/director); owns two other stations, none in this market
SELLER: New Life Evangelistic Center (Larry Rice, director)
FACILITIES: 100.9 MHz, 1 kW, ant. 532 ft.
FORMAT: Christian
COMMENT: Payable in cash at closing; $30K escrow deposit.

Culled from the online database at

August 23, 2008

Springfield and Larry Rice

Larry's NLEC tactics aren't limited to only dividing our community...

Springfield, MO is having the same problems with this nuisance and divisive neighbor just as much as we are.

After his interview with me on KMOX, this guy's wife had it right,

"Penny Rice said her husband never physically injured her, but felt his verbal abuse for years."

"No woman should have to go through what I went through," she said. "All I'm asking is to be on my own, to live in peace and away from this kind of treatment."

Isn't that what we want downtown and across the state?  To be away from Larry's "treatment" of the homeless?  The homeless deserve better than Larry's poorly run organization. 

Larry hides behind his church's tax-exempt status to evade showing the truth about his finances..

It should be interesting to see Penny Rice's income and expense statement from the court filing a few years ago.. yes that is public information...

Case No: 04CV326270 

The homeless deserve better than this so called "reverend".  Anyone can be a reverend only a few actually use the title the way it was intended, to unite and support those in the community.  

Oh and if Larry claim's he's never had a paycheck in 36+ years?  FOX News then how on earth could he offer to support her financially during the separation...

"For nearly nine months, the couple did not talk. The second turning point for Penny occurred when Larry made contact with her and offered to financially support her during their separation, if she would drop the divorce." --



August 22, 2008

KMOX Charlie Brennan Interview

KMOX interview with Charlie Brennan, Rev. Larry Rice, and me.

Those that speak the truth should never be afraid of those that hide behind a "church"

August 21, 2008

The issue continues...

I'll be on KMOX 1120AM at 10:00am Friday 8/21/2008 with Larry Rice and Charlie Brennan.

Wish me luck as I'm going up against a powerful televangelist with lots of media resources and money.

I'm just a dad fighting for my child, my neighbors, friends, and others against a public nuisance.

Here's the link to the KMOV article that aired tonight...

The McGowan's said it best... the law is the law and everyone has to follow the law.

In my opinion, their family have done more to revitalize and support this community than anyone else.  10 years ago these were nothing but empty warehouses, but it took the courage of the McGowans to actually make a difference and BUILD a community.

God bless them. 


August 19, 2008

How much does it cost us for NLEC to be around?

Here you go... PROOF that NLEC is a detriment to our neighborhood.

Now figure in a number for each service call and since Larry's organization doesn't pay any taxes... well do the math.

e.g. 563 * $200.00 per service call   = $112,600.00.  (including dispatch time, gasoline, paperwork, benefits, salaries, etc.) I think that $200.00 is a conservative number...

Class action lawsuit City of St. Louis?

Count 'em up.  563 calls to 1411 Locust.

My God...  What kind of place is this guy running?


August 16, 2008

Channel 5 and Channel 11

August 14, 2008

Seein' the Peein'

I can't even go outside without "seeing the peeing."


August 13, 2008

NLEC Funds?

So here's a few questions...

Why is NLEC asking on TV for money for renovations and toilet paper when they have $40-50 million in assets, unrestricted assets of $5,000,000, and the ability to get a loan for $3,000,000 from Cass bank in St. Louis?  Read sections 6 and 29 from the following Federal court document submitted by NLEC itself.

Threats coming in now...

So here I am walking my dog yesterday videotaping the people drinking in the park, man (obviously intoxicated) starts threatening to kill my dog.

Still don't think NLEC creates a nuisance? 


and the link to the video...


Oh and isn't this nice...

Trash on playground 

August 11, 2008

Petition Update

There are now literally hundreds of registered voters and property owners that agree with the petition and have put their names to paper.

Since my child will be entering school soon, he will be taught that everyone must follow the rules.

He will pee in the potty, flush, wash his hands; throw his trash away; he will not do drugs; he will pick up after himself; and he will not fight unless it is to defend himself or the defenseless.

He will be taught to stand up for his rights and for the rights of those that cannot.

It is my duty as a parent and a responsible citizen to instill these most elemental of societal mores into him.

These are basic tenents that should be common and familiar to all.

A REAL education means taking my child to fantastic restaurants, meeting great chefs, riding the Metro, feeding the fish at Union Station, seeing fireworks from a rooftop, visiting the Arch, playing at the City Museum, seeing the Cardinals play baseball, meeting friends and neighbors at local shops, walking everywhere, seeing amazing architecture and large buildings of St. Louis, witnessing the dramatic revitalization of a once dead area, meeting people committed to building a community, watching his face light up as he sees brave firefighters rush to fight fires and rescue people, meeting and talking with the neighborhood police as they walk their beat, walking downstairs and across a few blocks to frequent free city festivals (Taste of St. Louis, Hispanic Festival, Live off the Levy), walking a block away to the Central Library (where you can even check out toys).

YES he is getting an education, far greater than any child out in the "burbs".  Jealous?  Probably.

This "big bad city" has much to offer, especially when it is seen through the wonder in a small child's eyes.

Whatever happened to accountability, responsibility, and ethics?  Have we as a nation lost so much personal responsibility and integrity that we look the other way?  Have we as a community lost our way because someone invokes the name of God and uses a feckless straw man argument?

I'm sorry, but I cannot look the other way, it's not in my nature, nor should it be in yours.

I am but one voice in a chorus of many, but I put my name and address out there because people that speak the truth have nothing to fear.

We will not be intimidated.

We will not stand for idle threats.

We are not afraid.

Andy Martello


August 10, 2008

Everybody's different

If by a REAL education, people mean taking my kid to fantastic restaurants, seeing fireworks from a rooftop, walking to the Arch, saving money on gas by walking to work, walking to the grocery store, visiting and playing at the City Museum, going to the farmer's market in Soulard, eating different types of foods from Vietnamese to Soulfood to Cajun to French, seeing the historic architecture downtown, walking over to a friends house, then yes, my son IS getting a REAL education.

My son is also getting a REAL education in what is right and how the laws work.  How can I tell him it's ok for some people not to follow the rules because we have to feel "sorry" for them?  I would be a negligent father if I were to send that message. 

My great-aunt used to tell me that "everybody's different".  True. That is a strength that should be encouraged. 


Everyone is equal, period.  Everyone has to follow the law, period.  Didn't we learn this in Kindergarten?

Lucas park is first and foremost a PARK. It is not a homeless shelter, it is not a place to sleep, it is not a place to litter, it is not a bathroom, it is not a place to do drugs, it is not a place to feed people, it is not a place to drink malt liquor all day long, it is not a place to fight, it is not a place to put 32 loaves of out of date bread on a park bench, it is not a place to put your "stuff" during the day.

Lucas park is a PARK which should be enjoyed and used by all as a PARK.

If people follow the laws, rules, and regulations then we won't have a problem.

Housing status does NOT exempt you from laws, rules, and ordinances.